Friday, 22 March 2013

How You Will Forget Your Hate For Toronto

One Day it will suddenly feel cold outside. You realize winter has arrived. The winter will be long and cold. As you wander through this frozen desolate wasteland that is barren from all that is good in this world you will begin to curse this city and it's denizens. The chilled air will pierce through your coat and scarf tickling your throat and leave you sick like a dog. You will get a break from smelling the homeless and hearing them scream because your nose is frozen and the homeless have no energy to scream because they are literally freeze to death on the street. Everyone is scurrying from place to place, not because they are busy but because they are fighting off frostbite. You will wonder why you are living in a city that is so cold for so long. 6 months of the year we endure the intolerable weather. November, December, January, February, March, and April. Six months of bleakness and despair. Despair for a warmer climate. Despair for sunlight. If you work a day job you will wake up to darkness, go to work in darkness, it will brighten up while you are trapped inside earning your scrapes and finally when you get off work your drive home will be in darkness. You will forget how it feels to see the light and feel warmth. You will hate Toronto and want to get out of the city. Facing constant depression you will escape Toronto in your mind by dreaming of moving to a warmer climate...

Then one day it will suddenly feel warm outside. It's still cold but you haven't seen the sun in so long that you decide to go out in your shorts without a jacket. Your body will absorb precious sunlight that it hasn't received in a very long time, sunlight that it's starving for. Your serotonin and dopamine levels will become balanced for the first time in months. With the rush of these positive emotions you will feel good. Suddenly it's like a new chapter is starting in your life and you feel invigorated with new life and a sense of overwhelming energy and focus in every area of your life. It keeps getting warmer and warmer. You slowly forget the winter and how long is was. The bleakness will seem like a distant dream. You will forget your hate for Toronto and your overwhelming desire to get the hell out of here. Life will seem good.

Then one day it will suddenly feel cold outside... 

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