Tuesday, 19 March 2013

CAS Gives Child to Predator

The Real Tunisian ran into a photo posted by Dave Abel just moments after Mac Bool Hassan left the courthouse where he is facing charges of sexually and violently abusing a girl that was placed into his care by the Children’s Aid Society.

Seriously look at this guy!

Would you give this man custody over children?

Mac Bool Hassan is a single man with a history of drug abuse and a criminal record(five criminal convictions). Despite that and against neighbors complaints CAS deemed Hassan a capable and qualified guardian and gave him sole custody of two children who he had no connection with whatsoever. Hassan is unemployed collecting disability cheques from the government for a ‘heart condition’.
Is there something wrong with this picture? Let’s forget for a second about the welfare state which condones living off Big Brother and focus on the actions of CAS. Why would an organization whose vision is to create “A city where children are safe, families are strong and communities are supported.“ hand over children to a man who has no history with children, uses drugs, is involved with prostitution, and is unemployable because of his criminal record?

I’ll tell you why and it’s quite simple. The CAS is a business: they have quotas to fulfill and they need to move product, which in this case is children. The more children they place in homes the better the organization looks, the bigger tax-haven it becomes, and more money gets donated to the organization. To maintain a high placement rate they move children even if there are not suitable candidates available to adopt them. They overlook huge red flags risking and endangering children’s lives every time they do it. But wait, we can’t blame them… they are the good guys. They are trying to save children. Really? Look at their actions and tell me that. Look at their provincial and federal contracts, look at what they have to gain and tell me they are not running a business as a charity.

Toronto is a dirty city filled with pretty lies. Don’t be fooled and don’t believe everything they want you to believe.


  1. Completely agree. I have some direct experience with the CAS and the type of people that take these kids in. They have problems, the kids have problems; it's a recipe for disaster, particularly for the kids and their future.

    1. Do you know if CAS has any oversight? I'm curious. Also thinking about investigating the CAS to see how far the rabbit hole goes.

    2. Don't know anything about the inner workings, but would assume they have at least a semblance of oversight. Who really knows tho.

    3. I can answer that question. I am a former foster child. CAS had no real oversight.

    4. I can answer that question. I am a former foster child. CAS had no real oversight.