Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Don't Think You're Going To Get Out

Don't think you're going to get out of Toronto. It's warming up.

Most likely you will spend much more time outside in the next couple weeks than you have in months. You will find any excuse to take a stroll outside. Oh... ran out of milk... I'll just take a quick stroll out and buy a new carton. Hmm... it seems so nice out, I think I'll go for a walk today, it's good for my health, Yes. I think I will go out. You will use any excuse to suck in those rare UV rays. Soon those UV rays won't seem so rare as the city warms up. You'll start to enjoy going outside and the weather will improve your mood giving you the illusion that your life is not completely miserable. You'll never get out of here. You'll never get out.

Friday, 22 March 2013

How You Will Forget Your Hate For Toronto

One Day it will suddenly feel cold outside. You realize winter has arrived. The winter will be long and cold. As you wander through this frozen desolate wasteland that is barren from all that is good in this world you will begin to curse this city and it's denizens. The chilled air will pierce through your coat and scarf tickling your throat and leave you sick like a dog. You will get a break from smelling the homeless and hearing them scream because your nose is frozen and the homeless have no energy to scream because they are literally freeze to death on the street. Everyone is scurrying from place to place, not because they are busy but because they are fighting off frostbite. You will wonder why you are living in a city that is so cold for so long. 6 months of the year we endure the intolerable weather. November, December, January, February, March, and April. Six months of bleakness and despair. Despair for a warmer climate. Despair for sunlight. If you work a day job you will wake up to darkness, go to work in darkness, it will brighten up while you are trapped inside earning your scrapes and finally when you get off work your drive home will be in darkness. You will forget how it feels to see the light and feel warmth. You will hate Toronto and want to get out of the city. Facing constant depression you will escape Toronto in your mind by dreaming of moving to a warmer climate...

Then one day it will suddenly feel warm outside. It's still cold but you haven't seen the sun in so long that you decide to go out in your shorts without a jacket. Your body will absorb precious sunlight that it hasn't received in a very long time, sunlight that it's starving for. Your serotonin and dopamine levels will become balanced for the first time in months. With the rush of these positive emotions you will feel good. Suddenly it's like a new chapter is starting in your life and you feel invigorated with new life and a sense of overwhelming energy and focus in every area of your life. It keeps getting warmer and warmer. You slowly forget the winter and how long is was. The bleakness will seem like a distant dream. You will forget your hate for Toronto and your overwhelming desire to get the hell out of here. Life will seem good.

Then one day it will suddenly feel cold outside... 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Busy City

I came to Toronto from Montreal in the late 1980s and one of the first things that hit me was that it was a busy city. It looks and feels like a busy city, especially downtown. Everyone is always running around with no time to talk let alone catch their breath. Maybe if they calm down they would be happier but I doubt it. Could it be that they are rushing from place to place to get away from the yelling and the stink of the homeless? Who knows... But they all seem like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland; they are all late for a very important date.

They all need to calm down and become relax-ed. They have nowhere to go, especially when you see people who look like they just stepped out of the welfare office in a rush to go somewhere, what are they thinking that maybe someone will steal their bench at the mall?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

CAS Gives Child to Predator

The Real Tunisian ran into a photo posted by Dave Abel just moments after Mac Bool Hassan left the courthouse where he is facing charges of sexually and violently abusing a girl that was placed into his care by the Children’s Aid Society.

Seriously look at this guy!

Would you give this man custody over children?

Mac Bool Hassan is a single man with a history of drug abuse and a criminal record(five criminal convictions). Despite that and against neighbors complaints CAS deemed Hassan a capable and qualified guardian and gave him sole custody of two children who he had no connection with whatsoever. Hassan is unemployed collecting disability cheques from the government for a ‘heart condition’.
Is there something wrong with this picture? Let’s forget for a second about the welfare state which condones living off Big Brother and focus on the actions of CAS. Why would an organization whose vision is to create “A city where children are safe, families are strong and communities are supported.“ hand over children to a man who has no history with children, uses drugs, is involved with prostitution, and is unemployable because of his criminal record?

I’ll tell you why and it’s quite simple. The CAS is a business: they have quotas to fulfill and they need to move product, which in this case is children. The more children they place in homes the better the organization looks, the bigger tax-haven it becomes, and more money gets donated to the organization. To maintain a high placement rate they move children even if there are not suitable candidates available to adopt them. They overlook huge red flags risking and endangering children’s lives every time they do it. But wait, we can’t blame them… they are the good guys. They are trying to save children. Really? Look at their actions and tell me that. Look at their provincial and federal contracts, look at what they have to gain and tell me they are not running a business as a charity.

Toronto is a dirty city filled with pretty lies. Don’t be fooled and don’t believe everything they want you to believe.

How to Make Torontonians Happy

The recipe to making people happy in Toronto is just not talk to them.

If you talk to them they will get confuse-ed and you will have to explain why you are talking to them and why you are telling them something. It is better to stay silent. So don’t try. People in this city are too lost in their own thoughts.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Why is Toronto Wasting Money On the Homeless?

When you arrive to Toronto for the first time you'll notice something you probably didn't see in the travel brochures. As soon as you leave a subway station downtown you will hear the shouting of the homeless and be accosted constantly for change from drug addicts, junkies, bums, and a plethora of other street urchins. 

To see the contradiction of the reality of a crumbling city vs. the fantasy you see advertised will leave you feeling disgusted. 

The city has become a dump with rampant homelessness. Nobody in office is thinking about or addressing any of these issues.

Toronto is spending $1932 a month per homeless person it supports according to The Star based on research conducted by the Canadian Homelessness Research Network. Yes, you read correctly: $1932 to keep somebody in a bed in a shelter!

The same study found that it only costs $701 or less per month to provide rent for a homeless person for a month. Alternatively, providing them with social housing would only cost them $199.92 per month, per homeless person.

So while City Hall is promising to make the economy better and make budget cuts to Torontonians why they don’t they house the people who are homeless. It's a question, one question that nobody wants to discuss. It is simple solution that would save the city and it's taxpayers money while cleaning up the filthy streets of Toronto simultaneously.

Now, if you are a reasonable person you would be asking if housing the homeless would actually clean the streets.

If the city built more social housing on the fringes of Toronto and crammed all the homeless in there the majority of the downtown core would change overnight. The streets would actually be enjoyable to walk around and more people would go out which would lead to more money being spent. Economy wins.

This probably isn't the correct answer as North America has already locked itself into a perpetual welfare state in it's terminal decline into triviality but if Mayor Giuliani can make the homeless disappear from New York, then maybe that greasy slime ball we have in office, the Honorable Rob Ford should be able to do something other than ignore the problem.